Exploring Machine to Machine Payments with the Perun IoT framework

Join us for an insightful online meetup where we dive deep into the innovative Perun IoT framework developed as part of the Perun Hyperledger Lab.

Blockchain technology has long promised to revolutionize the machine economy, but scaling and enabling machine-to-machine (M2M) payments at a practical level has remained challenging. The Perun IoT framework, with its unique architecture and the lightweight Perun-embedded library, is poised to change that.

Discover how this framework enables embedded devices to autonomously transact using digital goods and information, unlocking new possibilities in supply chain management, logistics, and the embedded IoT sector. The Perun IoT architecture brings innovative concepts like off-chain transactions and delegation of on-chain interaction, enabling machines to actively engage in secure and scalable financial transactions. During this meetup, we’ll explore the potential applications, technical aspects, and transformative benefits of the Perun-embedded library, as well as a first showcase demo of its embedded functionality.

Don’t miss this chance to delve into the future of autonomous machine transactions with blockchain experts and gain valuable insights into how the Perun IoT concept is unlocking new opportunities for businesses and across organizations worldwide.

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