Databroker is a blockchain-based, peer-to-peer marketplace for data. It connects data producers and data consumers from various domains and industries, and enables them to exchange and monetize data securely and efficiently. Databroker was founded in 2016 by Matthew Van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer, who are also the co-founders of SettleMint, a low-code blockchain platform provider. Databroker offers different solutions for different data needs, such as:

  • A web platform where users can browse, buy, and sell pre-defined data streams or data sets, or post broader offers and requests for data partnerships. Users can pay or receive DTX tokens, the native currency of Databroker, for their data transactions. Databroker does not store any data, but facilitates the direct transfer of data between the parties using blockchain technology.
  • A DataMatch service where users can request a personalized search for the data they need, and get contacted by a DataMatch Advisor who will find potential data partners from Databroker’s global network.
  • A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution where data-rich organizations can set up their own white-labeled data exchange platforms using Databroker’s technology. This allows them to create custom data marketplaces for their specific verticals, engage in secure data exchange within or across organizations, and interoperate with other platforms if needed.

Databroker’s vision is to unlock the potential of the vast amounts of data being generated and consumed across the globe, and to create real business value from data. Databroker believes in the power of web3, the decentralized and distributed internet, to create a more open, fair, and inclusive data economy.

Core Team

Matthew Van Niekerk

Matthew Van Niekerk

Co-founder & CEO

Roderik van der Veer

Roderik van der Veer

Co-founder & CTO

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