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Digital Currency Academy, or DCA for short, is a Belgian company that helps you discover the world of crypto safely and confidently. DCA offers a variety of online and offline courses, events, and services related to crypto, such as:

  • A free online learning platform where you can access comprehensive and up-to-date video courses about Bitcoin and crypto in Dutch. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you will find something that suits your level and interest.
  • A Crypto Club membership where you can dive deeper into the world of crypto and get access to exclusive benefits, such as free entry to all Crypto Cafés and Masterclasses, expert advice, online community, market updates, and insights. All this for only €99 per year.
  • A Crypto Café series where you can enjoy a cozy evening at a café with national and international speakers who share their knowledge and experience about the crypto world. The Crypto Cafés are held every first Friday of the month in Ghent.
  • A Crypto Trader course where you can learn how to trade crypto like a pro and master the skills and tools of technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. The course is taught by Kevin Robbens, a seasoned crypto trader and CTO of DCA.
  • A Crypto Investor course where you can learn how to invest in crypto wisely and strategically and understand the fundamentals and trends of the crypto market. The course is taught by Brecht Van Craen, a business psychologist and CEO of DCA.
  • A Crypto Business course where you can learn how to integrate crypto and blockchain solutions into your business and benefit from the web3 revolution. The course is taught by various experts from the DCA team and partners.

Digital Currency Academy was founded in 2019 by David De Vriesere, Kevin Robbens and Brecht Van Craen. Brecht Van Craen also is the author of the book “Investing in Crypto”, published by Lannoo, the largest publisher in Belgium. Together they have a strong vision and passion for crypto and believe in its revolutionary potential. They also have a personal and professional approach and value education over speculation. They have assembled a team of 18 experts with different backgrounds and expertise in the crypto field, who are ready to help you with any question or challenge you may have.

Core Team

David De Vriesere

David De Vriesere


Brecht Van Craen

Brecht Van Craen


Kevin Robbens

Kevin Robbens


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