All the DeFi layers: challenges and opportunities of regulating DeFi

Join us on June 8, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of regulating DeFi

Discover the Future of DeFi Regulation at our Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop that explores the complex regulatory landscape of DeFi and its impact on the crypto industry as MICA, one of the first comprehensive crypto asset regulations, is set to be implemented next year.

Navigating the DeFi Infrastructure & Regulatory Approaches

Dive deep into the DeFi infrastructure, its composability, and the various layers that comprise it. Learn about potential regulatory approaches and their consequences on specific applications and the broader crypto industry. Gain insights from calls for a MICA II and the latest DeFi report by the French Banking Authority.

Interactive & Collaborative Discussion

Don’t miss this unique, interactive platform for discussing one of the most pressing regulatory challenges faced by modern finance with like-minded professionals.

J´╗┐oin us on June 8th at the Rose Salon, The Merode.

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