European WEB3 Accelerator Hackathon #2 – Turning WEB3 into reality.

Turning WEB3 into Reality during two months online collaboration and 3 days in-person in Brussels.

Turning WEB3 into reality is tricky. But it is happening.

Last year AIOTI landed the European WEB3 Accelerator with the start of its hackathon series.

Our first iteration was a 2-day hybrid event (online and in-peron) at the free University of Brussels. The event promoted the use of WEB3 technology to solve challenges for Climate Emergency, Industry, Authorities, Media and Education. It was co-organised with industry stakeholders, the University of Essex and the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid and it focussed on brainstorming and concept thinking. Eleven (11) valid proposals were produced.

The winners of the first edition (watch them here) are meanwhile evolving within the European WEB3 Accelerator and are now also at the core of the second hackathon on a clear path towards the deployment of shared public WEB3 infrastructure.

Participants to Hackathon #2 “Turning WEB3 into Reality” are set to develop WEB3 solutions during two months of online collaboration to land their solutions together in a shared public infrastructure during a 3-day in-person event. This event is open to everyone with an interest in energy-efficient and trusted digital ecosystems, willing to enhance systems and contribute to a better society.

Money prices to be announced.
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(The outcome of this hackathon will take the center stage at the European IoT days, and will serve as input for hackathon #3 “WEB3 ideation for legacy industry” in September 2024)

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