Rumi at The Nine – A Journey into AI and Web3 + Live DJ Party!

Kick off your weekend with web3, AI, and a live DJ to dance all night long!

18:30 Doors

19:30 Fady and Serena present A.I. from Midjourney to Stable Diffusion + Web3 surprise

Dive into the magic of one of the great Artificial Intelligence tools, Midjourney. We will guide you through its features and show you how to explore and unlock your creativity. Stay focused, as we will challenge your creativity with a contest at the end.

20:30 – Drinks and DJ!

Within Rumi, the echoes of rhythms resound brightly, where the union of art and new technologies creates a unique symphony. Rumi is an incubator in which female and emerging actors from the music, blockchain technologies, poetry, and artificial intelligence sectors are given priority. Rumi creates conferences, workshops, bootcamps, art exhibitions, and Eduverse.

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